About VCS Billing

Our Mission

To make owners, management and tenants informed and satisfied through the highest quality billing service available, specializing in Manufactured Housing Communities.

Company Profile

VCS Billing (Valley Computer Service, Inc.) has been providing sub-metered utility billing specializing in the manufactured housing industry since 1980. 


We are proud to be a Service and Industry member of the Western Manufactured Housing Owners Association (WMA).

How We Started

Our founders, the late Ralph Zorn and late J.C. Myer, created VCS out of necessity. 


Zorn was the owner, builder and manager of Blue Fountain Park in San Jacinto, California.  Zorn was also very involved with the WMA and served on many committees, he also authored the WMA's management guide still in use today.


Myer was something of an entrepreneur having run several businesses over the years ranging from Gas Stations to Construction to Restaurants.  With the advent of personal computing in the late 1970's he found a tool that would help him run his restaurant. 


Zorn came upon a need for an "Age Report" for his park which could not be satisfied by his billing service at the time and while enjoying an afternoon on the golf course, he mentioned the situation to Myer and after many evenings playing with BASIC programming, they had a program that took care of Zornís need. Seeing the value of this new technology, Zorn convinced Myer that was only the beginning. 


So from a simple "Age Report" on a "Tandy TRS-80", we now produce billing for thousands of tenants nationwide!